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Rankism: Yay, or Nay? Phantom

~The Associates vs. Man-Made~

-Slightly-Dishonorable Judge Phantom:
Hear ye, hear ye. I, the honorable Judge Phantom hereby open this session in court! Today’s case involves the entirety of Bootlegger’s low-ranked delegates versus their higher-ranked counterparts.
Let the record show that The Associates are attempting to sue the Man-Mades for their supposed attempt at Rankism.

Prosecutor, please make your statement.

Thank you your honor.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.. For far too long now, Rankism has been a regular part of Bootlegging life. Low ranks are discriminated against, merely for their status. The higher ranks shut them out, creating elitist groups that strive to further only themselves. We need to put a stop to this, and we need to do it now.

-Slightly-Dishonorable Judge Phantom:
Thank you, Prosecutor. Now, will the defense please stand and make their own statement?

Thank you your honor. Might I add, that you have a lovely, lovely complexion? The way the light gleams off your shiny forehead., Just wonderful. Also, here is an envelope that is definitely NOT filled with a large sum of money.

Now.. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.. Before I begin, may I just ask you to think about what you did this morning. Whatever it was (you had some breakfast, mugged and old lady, stole some kid’s lunch money), you did what you did, because you had the freedom to do so. You did NOT have the freedom to come here, today, and be a part of this jury. That was a requirement punishable by law, if not adhered to.

The prosecution makes an interesting case. I can see how their might be the appearance of higher ranks shutting out the lower ranks. And that of this supposed ‘Rankism’ that the prosecution so vehemently opposes. Yet, if you look at it from a different perspective.. Are these ‘elitist groups’ that strive to further themselves, such a bad thing? The reason the grouping of specific high-ranked individuals happens is because they’ve been on a journey together. A journey of hard-work, effort, time.. They have been through a lot, and they tend to cling to those around them that they have come to trust. So, does the prosecution want to punish friendship? Loyalty? Does the prosecution have any idea how many friends they’ve lost along the way? How many un-loyal or dishonest people had to be sifted through to get to become such a close tight crew?

The prosecution calls it Rankism - I call it looking out for friends, and working together with those that are in a similar place, with a similar mindset. There’s nothing wrong with helping each other out, nothing at all.

-Slightly-Dishonorable Judge Phantom:
Thank you kindly, for that moving speech. We will now leave it up to the jury to decide. Jury, you have until mid-day next week to come up with your verdict. Session adjourned!

Rankism.It has so many different connotations. Some have no issue with it; some don’t even think about it; some are disgusted with it. Yet, it is something that has or will affect each and every player at one stage or another in their BL lifetime.

‘So, Phantom, what is it?’ you may ask. According to our super trusty source Wikipedia, Rankism is:

"abusive, discriminatory, or exploitative behavior towards people because of their rank in a particular hierarchy"

The next question you may ask is, why oh why, delightful and wonderfully charming Phantom, is the topic of Rankism so important?

I don’t need to tell any of you, what it’s like to start from the bottom. We’ve all been there. You know what I’m talking about. Entering the world of Bootleggers with nothing but the sweat on your brow and the shirt on your back. Fighting tooth and nail to secure that first spot in an OC. Robbing Mom and Pop stores until you’ve saved up the $100 ticket to travel to a different state. Getting your first Duesy. Oh, I still get a tear in my eye thinking about my first Duesy. She was a beaut. My point is, we’ve all been there, and we know how hard the journey is.

My personal stance was initially anti-Rankism. Meaning, that I was against those that discriminated against lower ranks. I understood the need for having higher ranks to gain more experience, but I personally wasn’t in the race to become the first State or Nation Don, so it didn’t concern me. That was when Bank OC’s were the only type around, and I was all FOR helping boost the lower ranks.

Then, after a substantial absence, I came back to this round. Whereupon I joined a Booze Run with two lovely gentlemen. Well, at least one of them was. I soon found out (the hard way), that Mr Thug with his big smiley grin didn’t JUST have nice greasy slicked back hair, but that he was also very helpful fellow! Upon completion of the Booze Run he was kind enough to help me get out of the car. At 40mph. After shooting me in the back. And taking my share of the cash. What a lovely lovely f… fellow.

It was after this joyous and wonderful occasion that I slowly changed my stance towards Rankism. I’m not pro-Rankism, per se, but I do believe that it’s not such a bad thing, in certain occasions. My policy for Booze OC’s is that I now only do them with friends, crew members, or generally people that are Boss+. I figure, if they put in the work to get to that rank, they GENERALLY (there are always exceptions, some men just want to see the world burn) aren’t stupid enough to try anything funny.

But, Phantom, surely there must be some benefits, or reasons, for people choosing such behavior? Well, dear reader, I am so glad you asked that. Let me just finish this here savoury biscuit, and I will get right down to brass tacks.

No doubt, the main reason for Rankism behavior is spurred by the simple fact that many players believe that XP earned from their OCs is rank related.

Another big reason is people form relationships and friendships on BL, and tend to stick to OC-ing with those they know. Simply because it’s easier to arrange, because they’re in a crew together, or for the bonding experience. Common, you know that OC-ing with a friend is more special than OC-ing with a stranger. Yeah, you know where I’m coming from

Before we simply dismiss the topic altogether, let’s get some input from some lovely fellow Bootleggers.

First we have, MsBettyB who is an R. Don and an established player in the game.

On 2014-07-24 22:09:33 MsBettyB wrote:
I believe that if someone has worked hard to gain their rank, they can request whatever ranks they want in their OCs. That being said, I have filled my OC with 1 LGF and 2 hitman ranks, so obviously I'm not a rankist. I personally don't mind helping others with OCs.

Thus, it seems MsBettyB is all for equality of rights, but also for the right to choose whichever ranks would please them best, in their OCs.
Another R. Don, Nefarious gives us his two cents.

On 2014-07-24 22:18:12 Nefarious wrote:
I believe that every player is entitled to OC with who they choose, and if they want a high ranking OC then that should be perfectly acceptable.

Lower ranked players usually don't play often and look straight to the high ranks for an easy OC, most of the time asking for loans too.

Low ranks can OC with other low ranks, that's what all the high ranks did from the start of the round and got here pretty fine

I sense a little frustration here, which is highly understandable! We’ve all had lovely BM’s before from Scum who wish to offer their services to us, whilst not actually really offering any services.
The flip-side of the two-cent coin is tackled by none other than MoeTheWeasel, whose rank is Boss.

On 2014-07-24 22:30:35 MoeTheWeasel wrote:
Well i understand that people want to rank up fast, but i find it a struggle for me to rank up since most people are only looking high ranks.

We have also all been in that situation, struggling to piece together an OC with low ranks, hoping to BL deities that it won’t fail.
We also had the privilege of two friendly neighborhood HDO’s chiming in to make their separate points.


On 2014-07-24 23:34:14 Homicidal wrote:
Well, Experience for OC works in a few ways. The ranks that are in your OC play a vital role in how much experience you will gain from said OC. For example, you will gain more experience with don+ ranks, while you would get less with ranks that are lower. Crimes, auto burglary, busting, booze runs and other little things here and there add experience as well. However, bank OCs is where people try to capitalize and get as much experience they can from one single OC. That's where rankism comes in.

Indeed, as Homicidal stated, Rankism is most prevalent when it comes to OCs.


On 2014-07-24 23:23:34 Lachys wrote:
Ocing with higher ranks do provide more experience as does using the best/most equipment. Ie, duesenberg (police car is the best, but rare), 4 thompsons and of course the best item that an EE can buy.

Hence you will see people OCing with mainly LGF (legendary godfathers) or higher. It leaves the lower ranks to OC with lower ranked people. Personally, any position but driver should be Boss+ and driver can obviously be any ranked, this is the best way to get a successful OC.

Some further handy tips for successful OCs there, with further logic that Rankism is in fact the favored option.
Finally, having heard from the higher ranks and HDO’s, lets grace ourselves with the comments of those lower ranks.

Mitta is a Thug, and raises an excellent point.


On 2014-07-25 07:42:46 Mitta wrote:
If you ask me its kinda hard to get in OC's at low rank.. I keep on trying everytime but only a few people respond, The most are just ignoring or they'll say ''srry full''
That answer is easy to give ofcourse, but the question more is; What more can I do to get in one?

Life as a ‘low-life’ is difficult, to say the least. Hard work is definitely, definitely required!
Nazgul, another Thug, identifies the struggle, but agrees that once he ranks higher, he’ll be working at obtaining as much XP as possible, himself, thus agreeing with Rankism in it’s own right.


On 2014-07-25 08:49:58 Nazgul wrote:
People are really better than they used to be years before. everybody used to take the game way too seriously, for example as if he's a REAL don.

But they're much nicer now, even if lots of people require that you be of a certain rank to join their OC's. in the end it is a person's right to do so, to get the most experience they can.
I would help a low ranker once in a while, but I'd do the same to get as much experience as i could as well.

Last but not least, the words of Hitman Rodgers strike a melancholy note with us, twanging at the strings of our fragile Bootlegging hearts.


On 2014-07-25 08:07:01 Rodgers wrote:
I don't think people are necessarily rankist as such (not everyone anyway). I've had help from people a few ranks higher than me with fair % too. Although some only want high ranks for their ocs I do understand why as the higher xp from higher ranks will help them to rank faster. So although it takes longer for me to get an oc I don't get annoyed by rankism as I get why they do it.

There does perhaps seem to be hope for us positive-minded people out there. All is not lost people!

That’s all fine and dandy, Phantom, but how does XP actually work then? Surely, if we were to know exactly how the mechanics work, we can make a statement once and for all either for, or against, Rankism?

Digging a little into the specifics of OC-ing, a certain theory was unearthed. The way I have heard it told, from that super reliable source that lived in the dodgy part of town, just behind the dumpster that smells slightly of cabbage, is that each player brings a certain amount of XP to the table in an OC. The higher the rank, the higher the XP that the player brings. Lets look at a quick hypothetical situation. Say a Nation Don brings 1,000 XP into an OC, a Don brings 250, and two scums bring in 10 points each. That makes a total pool of 1,270 points to be split equally amongst the 4 participants. Upon completion of a successful OC, each participant should thus walk away with approximately 317 points. You can see that for the Scums, this is highly favorable. They bring a mere 10 points to the table, and gain 307 XP, while the Nation Don brings 1,000 XP and essentially gives up about 683 points. If the Nation Don were to have OC’d with three other Nation Dons, the total pool would have been 4,000 points and they would each have gotten their 1,000 points that they bring in.

One can see that for any given rank, OC-ing with those of the same level means you do not ‘sacrifice’ any XP, and OC-ing with higher ranks means you actually gain more than you can bring in (XP-wise). This is another theory that gives heavy weight to Rankism, especially if players are considering their own personal benefit to be tantamount to anything else in the game.

But much like any of the theories discussed, it is exactly that. A theory. Our wonderful Elite Guard Mod Caboose was asked to verify whether it was true or false, and his response left no doubt.


On 2014-07-25 22:09:20 Caboose wrote:
Unfortunately that's not something I can answer. Anything regarding xp is one of the game's mysteries :-)

There we have it ladies and gentlemen.

At the end of the day, we are playing a Mafia game here, people. Yes - I think being nice and helping out lower ranks goes a long way, but – No, Mr Scum with your terribly spelling and grammar, I will not loan you the money to be in my booze run. A Bank OC is a whole ‘nother story, since there are mechanisms in place to ensure you don’t get screwed over. There’s a time and place for everything, isn’t there? We have to be realists too. If I see someone that takes the time to craft a proper message to me, and who actually has worked hard for their own gear, and need a $20k top-up to be able to carry their share of the booze.. Sure, I’ll go out on a limb.

As we can see, there are widely varying opinions and personal stances towards Rankism, with certain folk happy to help lower ranks at any given time, and others set on leveling up and doing so as quick as possible. As is with everything in this game, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What works for one doesn’t work for another.

As such, I guess the point of the story is: let’s be smart, and continue to have fun, without the nitty gritty argument of Rankism looming over our heads. Lets remain respectful of others’ choices and opinions, and continue to enjoy this wonderful game that we are all no doubt addicted to! (I am, at least).

That is all for now, thank you kindly for your listening ear! Happy gaming Bootleggers, and goodnight!

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