Sunday, August 10th, 2014
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Behind The Name! CoastieII

I randomly choose, with my eyes closed, three different people from the user's online list. My interview with each participant is different, and hopefully slightly unique. I asked several game related questions about them, as well as a few random questions for what seems like no apparent reason whatsoever. So without further delay, lets get to those interviews.

Interview with Nordy2

1: Well lets start with the basics, where does your name 'Nordy' come from?
"Nordy is the name of the mascot of the Minnesota Wild. He is the bear in my profile picture holding the hockey stick."

2: Nice, I didn't know that. So is that your favorite hockey team?
"Yeah, I watch practically every game. I grew up playing hockey in Minnesota so it was the obvious choice when picking which team to cheer for and I sort of fell in love with the team. Especially the last two season. They have been very exciting to watch."

3: I can't say I'm into hockey very much, however, it is very entertaining to watch. I've been to quite a few Tampa Bay Lightning games though. So other than watching your favorite team, what do you do for fun on your free time?
"Most of my free time right now is taken up with running. I am training for my second marathon in October. The bonus to this is when I run for multiple hours a day I get to eat what ever I want. Eating is my favorite hobby."

4: That sounds good man, I'm currently looking to lose weight at the moment. The loss of my favorite snacks is killing me! So how long have you been playing bootleggers now?
"I believe I started in 2006. It was whenever the poker update was first released because I remember always winning with 2 pair when the other guy had 3 of a kind. I made lots of money off that bug. Then I quit for a long time. Last year in the fall I was wondering if any of the games I used to play were still around and I stumbled back into it. I have been playing at work since then as something to pass the time."

5: Nice, do you like all the new updates on BL as of late?
"Yeah, the booze run OC was a nice addition this round. The crew updates are pretty cool too."

6: What is something you would change, if you could?
"I think the forums are overly moderated and help desk and moderators abuse there power to do so. I would change the forums to have a voting scheme sort of like reddit does. That way users can promote or demote topics based on what they feel is relevant or popular to discuss and we can avoid having our "parents" muting us and moving our topics just to flex their muscles in the mirror."

7: That's an awesome idea! I would word it more constructively and suggest it via the Help Desk system. They've been very receptive to new ideas as of late. So on to the important questions.. What, in your opinion, is the best sandwich of all time?
"I think a cheeseburger is probably the best sandwich. If you don't like burgers I would order a #9 from Jimmy Johns. Add extra hot peppers.."

8: Thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you wish to add about yourself? A fun fact perhaps? Or a shout out?
"Ohh yes, I would like to give a shout out to my mom! Hi Mom!"

Interview with Xanixs

1: Lets start with your name, where does the name 'Xanixs' come from?
"Well it comes from an oldschool game called tactical ops, a shooter which i played. It was my first fps. And i thought of it as a Nice nickname."

2: Nice, so how long have you been playing bootleggers for?
"That’s kind of a hard question, i think i started back in the early days when Also Sabin was still a mod. So I’m guess it was around 2004 and have been on and off for several times."

3: Sounds good, do you like all the recent updates this round?
"Well I like the booze run option it give a better chance of making some money, and of course back in the days the gold was called points the rename give a better edge to it if you ask me. Also I like how the crews can grow now and have a real purpose."

4: What is something you would change, if you could?
"Well I would like to get the bootcast back, and further i would like to see some better ways to spend your gold on. Now the most gold won't be used for any further upgrades then the gun, casino control and protection."

5: Good suggestions, I would suggest using the help desk to suggest new ideas. They've been very good about responding lately to suggestions. So on to the important stuff.. What, in your opinion, is the best sandwich of all time?
"The best sandwich is one with hot chicken cubes, and bacon then on top some chili sauce."

6: That's very interesting. Is there anything else about yourself that you wish to add to the interview? A fun fact, or possibly a shout out?
"Well I would like to thank the buzz writers for their great articles and the effort they do to get us some good stories and I would say ‘get back the bootcast’ lol“

Interview with ZZZOOOZZZ

1: Okay lets start off with the boring stuff. Where did you get your alias 'ZZZOOOZZZ' from?
"It's just a random name. It's cool and I like it."

2: Okay, easy enough. How long have you been playing bootleggers for?
"Just One month. I played it 7 years ago, I think it was round 3.."

3: How much has the game changed for you being away for so long?
"Ya has changed a lot but it kept its own style what made me come back."

4: Were you able to find any old friends who still played from back then?
"Ya. my friend "theblue_".he is a part of what made me come back"

5: Nice! Glad to hear it, do you like it in The Commission? If so, what's the best part about being part of that crew you would say?
"It's been 3 days since I joined and I already like it here, these guys feels like a family and so friendly . I defiantly like the oc's with higher ranks on the commission, I like the gym a lot.."

6: Nice, now on to the important questions.. What, in your opinion, is the best sandwich of all time?
" I didn't understand. What is ‘sandwich’"

7: The thing where you put meat in-between two slices of bread. You don’t know what a sandwich is?
"I like beef burger using fresh meat with lots of ketchup. You said its very important you were joking.. I thought you were using "sandwich" to mean other things."

8: No, I was just being facetious, so what is your favorite hobby outside of playing bootleggers of course?
"I play basketball, I play guitar, and I sing. I have a beautiful voice by the way."

9: Nice, my voice is horrible. So is there anything else you wish to add about yourself? A little fun fact perhaps?
”I’m rally addicted to BL,I already did like 300 crimes in the past two days, and doing every cool down action as well.. it's messing with my life.”

Well that is it for this week. If you want to be featured just make sure you're online, and you may be chosen. Thank you all for reading, enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Coastie out!

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