Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Issue: 16   Editor: FlameS

Forum Quotes of the Week Joke

As always, we encourage you to submit anything we may have missed at any time! Send a message to anyone in Blue and we'll work to get it in the next issue! And yet another disclaimer, some of you out there are funny, but quite vulgar, so some explicit material may be present below.

Bonzo wrote:

TayZ wrote:
Who keeps shooting my friends

your other friends

Yaz wrote:

Yaz wrote:

Yaz wrote:
Great idea Yaz, such a great fucking idea mate.

Cheers Yaz

Don't mention it Yaz

Ecivel wrote:

Yaz wrote:

Absolute wrote:

Tyn wrote:
Dont worry guys I've got this. He will be dead soon

Not if my detectives find him first.

Already had him on search for the past 24 hours

He paid off my private investigators. They refuse to search him

Toxin wrote:

Hades wrote:
Nope, last time I checked I still had my willy hangin'

That's exactly what Lisa would say.

xmatrix wrote:
Well, that was embarrassing. Please ignore my previous post.

xmatrix wrote:

MrMeeseeks wrote:
I ate her.

Any heart disease yet?

MrMeeseeks wrote:
I've been looking at photos of kittens for hours. I had to do something manly.

MrMeeseeks wrote:
I don't know how you escaped, but my goodness, you smell absolutely dreadful.

JDM wrote:
I like how there's a group of dudes sitting around watching a guy beat off

jess wrote:

JDM wrote:
You aren't one of the ones I was referring to. The tears and tears and tears from some of your members was something I'd be embarrassed about though.

Anyways, not trying to hijack or be a dick to those of you who were cool. Just trying to give credit to the fact that this wipe didn't result in the stuff.

Are you autistic?

Grobe wrote:

We only a pain in the ass when we giving you anal....Other then that you women do it naturally

Chicharito14 wrote:
You do know you can fuck her in the ass right?

BeekhuisX wrote:

sisle wrote:
have your girl sucking on my dick like its a kit kat no time to chit chat nigga im black my gangs fightin like the holy jihad in Iraq mess with me and you get a smack or even worse ill buss my mac

You are terrible. I never got the point of raping anyways, but this really is just sad.

Otaku wrote:

Magikarp wrote:

Nordy2 wrote:
I don't think you are using that meme correctly.

i use it everywhere for some reason

you are the 9faggotry army of cancer to the meme world... basicly it all ended cause of shitty memecasters like yall.

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