Sunday, August 17th, 2014
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RobFord wrote:

TheHound wrote:
well, fuck the king for converting those characters.

Joke, please add this to next weeks buzz as the funniest quote

Browneyes wrote:

JDM wrote:

Browneyes wrote:

Browneyes wrote:
1 Tequila
2 Tequila
3 Tequila

you like the floor?

If I'm just sipping and chilling it's a nice whiskey. Tequila's for pounding.

the floor lol

Browneyes wrote:

JDM wrote:

Lakedaimon wrote:

TdotV2 wrote:

Haha this guy has an obsession with the floor

You do not know much about TI do you?

She's inches off of it herself

we like closets

Tyn wrote:

Steenzot wrote:
Can somebody give me they gamblings odd's to hit 777 on slots & 8 numbers on keno ?

Because yesterday I got busted by somebody hitting 8 numbers in his first 30 bets

And today I got busted on my slots by somebody hitting 777 twice

Lol, you kind of got bummed there

Fillmore wrote:

cycoUG wrote:

cycoUG wrote:

Tyn wrote:
Fuck, got OTF'd

speaking of farmville, i need to feed my cows

unless Tyn slaughtered them

yeah tyn is the man

Tyn wrote:

Pothead wrote:

Tyn wrote:
10 minute delay guys. Gotta fiddle with my laptop

so that's what the kids are calling it these days

I would've been 30 seconds, not 10 minutes if that had been the case

LongKiss wrote:

Caboose wrote:
So, I should do nothing? Just sit on my hands? Maybe host some bust parties?

Sometimes I sit on my hands until it gets numb and then masturbate. I call it a stranger. Have you ever given yourself a stranger?

VooDooDoll wrote:
Redhead. Nice I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.

MrJohnson wrote:

AsapRocky wrote:

MrJohnson wrote:

Time wrote:
No different than what's going on today, just ask Dutch Inc (TS) about the accounts of theirs that were banned leading to a crew disban...

On a scale of 1/10, how much does it hurt when u poop?

Nowhere near as much as it does me reading the way you spell the word "you".

I use the letter u for you as u sounds like you.
When I'm talking 2 two of u I could also say w, as in double you.

Did you see what I did there with the two?
2 sounds like to

because it's funny

MrMeeseeks wrote:
Someone say boobs?

MrMeeseeks wrote:

Mason wrote:

MrMeeseeks wrote:
Nostalgia just hit me like a ton of dicks.

So whats a ton of dicks feel like, Pokey?

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