Sunday, May 4th, 2014
Issue: 2   Editor: FlameS

COLUMN: A Battle for Victory Troglodyte

The past week has been alive to the sound of gunfire as Round 8’s first crew war between the two new faces of Victory and Dutch Inc has well and truly ignited. The motivation? Bullet Factories, of course. As it stands, the most recent exchange of bullets on Thursday has left Dutch Inc in possession of Michigan factory and Get Money Cartel with Nevada. Victory’s initial retaliation, the day before, brought them back into play and back on to the Statistics, albeit temporarily. It has been an intriguing battle so far, not least because very little is known about either side. I will attempt to shed some light on the ruckus and hopefully make the situation a little clearer for all.

As you might expect, it has been difficult to reach out to the parties involved due to the intensity of the action. Both sides have not been very forthcoming regarding their history or ambitions, which is to be expected given what is at stake. Hence I have taken a different approach to the investigation, employing a bit of dot to dot here and a sprinkle of conjecture there.

It is first worth reminding ourselves of the preceding events involving Bullet Factories. There was, for example, the drama that kicked off in New York. Rebel Circus allegedly sold their BF to The Untouchables, who having no time to stock shooters from it, were quickly picked off by the experienced players in The Vanguard. Strangely, Rebel Circus then attempted to take it back but made the mistake of shooting the crew holder, Friction, too early, bringing their attack to an abrupt end. The Vanguard then offloaded this factory to Death Valley, where it has sat quietly since. Then there was the low key exit of Terminal Velocity who had laid claim to Michigan BF only to be shot down by Dutch Inc. We have yet to see the return of the mysterious Terminal Velocity, but history tells us that early BF takers who are organised and have the experience to shoot don’t lie down forever.

So, from Michigan BF we then move on to… wait, Non Compos Mentis? Yes, that ill-fated crew after my own heart. The culprit of our wipe, ScarCityAllstar, surprisingly chose to target our crew over others with BFs. A strange move maybe, but I have come to expect seemingly random shooting in this game having been on the receiving end many times. If this wasn’t startling enough though, ScarCityAllstar then went on to shoot Budweiser, member of Victory and, more importantly, holder of Nevada BF.

What happened next would have you assume that this shooter was working with Dutch Inc, as they then proceeded to wipe the remaining members of Victory and add Nevada BF to their growing collection, with no further intervention from the crewless ScarCityAllstar. Further down the rabbit hole we go, as the next crew to disappear came as a surprise to (almost) everyone. Would it be Dutch Inc to meet their end, having stretched too far taking on two BFs, or maybe the The Vanguard’s luck would finally run out with Rebel Circus finishing what they started? No, the unfortunate recipient of the next wipe was in fact The Sacred Empire. Funnily enough, they saw this coming as they were able to move their BFs to two separate crews shortly before the shooting started: Event Horizon and The Vanguard. A cryptic message left on the shooter’s profile: ‘[Death Valley] talks a lot’, may make reference to this tip off.

Vengeance for this attack was swift. A familiar name, Friction - holder of The Vanguard, was the man to make The Sacred Empire whole again. If not revealing the motives of yerat, who seemingly had no interest in the Victory - Dutch Inc war, we must now be able to affirm some sort of coalition between Dutch Inc, The Vanguard, The Sacred Empire and Event Horizon. You can bet that following the deal for New York BF, the remaining sleeping giant Death Valley also has some role to play in this group as well. These are some big power house names that, from the outside, appear to be playing nice with each other, for the time being at least.

Lest we forget, a strongly worded Game Forum post at the end of last round by Betty, boss of Event Horizon, calling the community to pull together in round 8 to prevent a repeat of round 7 and stop The Family, Most Wanted, Asura and allies from establishing a state of dominance again. Combined with the changes to crews, which we are yet to see come into effect due to a bug, we could see the end of the aforementioned ‘underground’ crews. Giving further weight to this notion are rumours that have surfaced in the Forum recently, suggesting that the leadership of The Family have been inactive or maybe even quit the game. If this is the case, then power certainly has returned to Statistics crews, at least the ones within this new alliance. Will Average Joe Bootlegger be any safer than he was last round? That remains to be seen, however I believe that The Family have cultivated an irreversible culture of: shoot first, ask questions later, and that this will continue, regardless of who is in control of the game.

Returning to the situation with Victory, now crewless and BF-less. We may never find out exactly who this group are or were, the only recognisable face within the crew being the loose cannon, DerrangedAngel. Once the mastermind behind The Scummie Crew, he was once also a member of Event Horizon and simultaneously disliked by The Family because of his frequent antics. Dutch Inc are even more of an obscurity though. Sentiments shared in their RIP topic in the Game Forum were that they had it coming and were foolish to take out Victory and take on a second BF. As somebody put it: “trying to take a BF from a crew who picked it up on the first day, is like trying to take a US army base because you can only see 5 soldiers on the wall.” However, Dutch Inc hit back hard and fast. It is one thing having shooting prowess, it is another to have the people and resources to do it. The haste with which they recovered their property surely points to some powerful backers, perhaps one of the sleeping giants who have so far remained quiet. One final development in this extremely busy week is that, with Victory now back out of the picture, Get Money Cartel have joined the fray, with their boss Congo taking control of Nevada BF. This new face in the complex business of BF ownership claim to be ‘a force to be reconed with’. Victory should put this statement to the test, or they will disappear into the abyss. This explosive affair is certainly not over.
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