Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Issue: 20   Editor: Inks

Behind The Nation Don Cypha

Hi DarkHeart. Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to give The Buzz an interview on Behind The Dons. How are you?
Am fine, Thanks for asking.

Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?
Ya why not. My name is Khaled. I am 30 years old, from Jordan.

Have you been playing Bootleggers long? Noticed your the Nation Don. Congratulations on getting to the top. How does it feel?
I have been playing bootleggers since 2006. For this round I started in August-23-2014. Yes I am the 4th Nation Don for this round, it's my first time as Nation Don. It feels nice, few players reach this far.

OK. So an old school player then. Now, first of all, DarkHeart, where did that name come from and why did you chose to use that name?
I love this name I use it almost with everything. The name comes from a long story back in 1998. Wow I miss those days. I used this name because I like it very much that's all

Do you mean it was a book from 1998?
No. A personal life story.

So, What do you do when your not playing Bootleggers then?
I do some other activities like hunting, shopping, have fun, watch movies. A lot of things.

Do you currently work?
Yes I work, but I prefer not to go in detail with what kind of work I do.

OK, no problem. We will move on. So, back to you being Nation Don. How does it feel to be at the very top of the food change? Has much changed for you since becoming the Nation Don?
Nothing changed with me I am still the same person that every one knows.

Any plans whilst your Nation Don?
There is no plans so far just every day I receive around 5 - 10 threats that am gonna be killed so am watching now.

What do you feel could be different, if anything, about being Nation Don?
Since the moderator decided to blind us and promise that there will be a search where we can find targets and every one waiting right now to see what is going to happen. As of nation Don in my point of view there is a couple of things I would like to see happen as of OC, crimes, auto and travel for N.don there not suppose to be timer since those things don't give XP any more that give the Nation Don more power to help others

How was the journey to the top?
It was a very nice journey. The most nicest thing of it I ranked to L.don and S.don in less than 24 OC's. Ranked to Don with 83 OC's and R.don in 125 OC's so it was a very nice one

What's your average day on BL?
Almost 8 -10 hours a day and on week end 10 - 14 hours

Do you OC with lower ranks, or just your crew members?
It was with crew members until last night since I was helping one if my crew members but starting from today my OC's will be free for every one any one would like to join me they just ask you know the timer is killing us

Thanks for allowing The Buzz to interview you DarkHeart. Is there anything you would like to say to people reading this?
Thanks for your time to read about me and it was nice playing with all of you, Good Luck.
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