Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Issue: 20   Editor: Inks

Changes to users online Inks

In an attempt to balance out the game, the Elite Guard has decided to adjust the Users Online and Crew pages. Now when you view the users online page you will only be greeted with the number of players online as well as your friends and the staff members currently online. The crew changes were even more confusing for some. Now the only way to view a crew's members is to hire a private investigator and search the crew structure.

Why are these drastic changes being made, and why now?

The change was made simply because power house crews were shooting random people from the users online page. Mika commented in the game forum saying:

Mika wrote:
Even though shooting, killing and getting killed are big parts of the game, we want to strive to a situation where both playing styles can be utilized without one having a major effect on the other.

What does this mean for the underground players and the big power house crews?

Well in the immediate future it means there is about to be a whole lot more excitement. With these changes a new player could sign up, stay hidden, and rank quietly. They could stock bullets and eventually shoot at the crews who have been shooting them down previously. For the crews, this is a security nightmare. This update leaves them way more vulnerable and requires significantly more work to eliminate potential shooters.

Despite the massive changes to crew and crewless players behavior, this update will also provide a relief from scripting momentarily. Many groups have used scripts in the past to monitor the users online page to find potential shooters. By removing the Users Online functionality these scripts become worthless. This relief will probably not be long lived as the scripters will inevitably find another way around this.

Long term, these changes are probably not going to be permanent. Mika went on to say that this is a 6 week trial period where they will test out these changes. He also noted that this update is not completed yet and their is more to come.

Mika wrote:
Additionally, we will be releasing additional search options for the Private Investigators as to make it possible to find players matching certain specifications. For now, the Find Player option has been left as it was, to compensate for the lack of these search options.

Only time will tell how these updates affect the game. Hopefully the goals of the Elite Guard are met and this creates a more active and healthy game as a whole.

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