Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
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Mass Killing!! (Updates) Jesterite

At approximately 17.55pm on Tuesday 28th October, Caboose hit the forums with his newest updates and bug fixes, this time his target was the kill feature! The facts that were given, for those that may have missed them, are as follows;

You will now have to shoot enough bullets to kill all bodyguards who are in the same state as the State/Nation Don.
Shooting will work the same way it does now in that you can just search the State/Nation don without knowing who the bodyguards are.
Bodyguards will now be able to backfire.
Bodyguards will be able to betray their Don.

Similar to OC heat, you will now have a "Kill Heat" that will increase the chance of backfire 10% for each kill you make in a 24 hour period.

Bugs Fixed
Bug with backfire sometimes not shooting the right amount of bullets
Bug where incorrect message is displayed after shooting (i.e. "Shot back and killed you" but no damage done)
Bug where Dons were shooting their bodyguards instead of the actual shooter

In his topic, Caboose gave the following explanations related to the bug where backfire shot the incorrect number of bullets;

Maltreat - So the backfire that one actually received so far was not the backfire that one was supposed to receive? Does that mean you now receive more backfire on kills, or is my interpretation incorrect?

Caboose - There are two parts to this.
Firstly, for reasons we were unable to determine, once in a blue moon, someone would backfire less bullets than they should have. That issue is addressed with this update.
Second, the chance of backfire happening has been the same (And working correctly/as intended) since the start of the round. The change we've made, which was intended to be done but was not, is that the chance of backfire occurring will increase with each kill in a 24 hour period.
So, to summarize and answer your question, except in limited cases, the [amount] of backfire one received was the correct amount. There will not be more backfire in the sense of more damage or more bullets being shot, but the chance of it occurring will increase with each kill.

Caboose wrote:
Backfire shoots the amount of bullets originally shot, or the amount the target has on hand, whichever is least.
Scenario 1:
Shooter shoots 1,000 bullets
Target has 500 bullets
Target backfires 500 bullets
Scenario 2:
Shooter shoots 1,000 bullets
Target has 5,000,000 bullets
Target backfires 1,000 bullets

However, not everyone was happy with the newest update, a few people followed Logic’s line of thought;

Logic wrote:
Yet another update that gives more power to those already in power. Good luck to those wishing to retaliate, you'll need it.

So, to counter-balance this, this Buzz Writer paid a visit to Caboose;
“What effect do you think (and hope) that the addition of "Killing Heat" will add to shootings in the future?”

Caboose - “The idea behind it is simply that one person shouldn't be able to take down an entire crew, or a large group of people, by themselves. This game is and always has been about teamwork. An overlooked aspect of this, oddly enough, is that it will also help protect crewless players because it will be much harder for one or two people to do massive crewless killings as they have been doing in the past. The update helps people keep the rank and wealth they have earned, and also encourages teamwork and strategy when planning large killing sprees."

So, from Caboose it can be gathered that, in many cases, both sides of the coin will benefit from this new update, more people will be needed to wipe a crew, and the same for wiping the crewless.

There was also a few comments upon the timing of the update, some believing that it should have arrived at the beginning of a round, rather than in the middle, again Caboose provided an answer;
“As for the timing of the release (mid-round), do you fear that this update may inhibit some shootings, or do you hope that players will adapt and change at a reasonable pace?”

Caboose - “To be frank, I understand that making gameplay changes mid-round is less than ideal. But what's even worse is letting problems we are aware of go on longer than they have to. The only thing we can do is be consistent in that when we find things that are wrong, we fix them as soon as we can.

In terms of timing, no matter when something is released, someone's going to feel like they were harmed. Again, it goes back to consistency: Updates and fixes are released as soon as we are comfortable that they are ready to go. Given the significance of this update, I actually did check with my superiors at EG HQ to see if I should wait for any particular time or situation to release it, and the mandate was clear: Release it when it's done.

The main reason it took so long is that in the meantime I had a ton of other stuff to work on. Beyond that, it was just a matter of getting all the moving pieces of our kill system working together and an obnoxious amount of testing to make sure every use case was covered. The actual code wasn't terribly difficult, it was all the "gotchas" and different outcomes that can happen.

And, as I alluded to in the "wiki", most of the changes that were made will never be seen by the players. The majority of the coding was to make the page more efficient and easier for whoever is maintaining it to identify and fix problems that come up, or implement changes to how the feature works. I wish I could explain more but I can't without going into the specifics that I'm not supposed to discuss with anyone but BSF2000"

So, that is that, the Bootleggers community has been given some updates, let us hope that they can put them to good use!
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