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These FAQs will be different to my general ‘Occasional Guide To’ column as they will be serious rather than humorous. I enjoy writing the occasional guides because they allow me to put a bit of fun into The Buzz and ensure that the community can laugh at itself now and then. However, they aren’t always easy to write and if nothing has inspired me then I would rather write something that was meaningful and possibly helpful. I am sure that the majority of the community already know what I’m writing in these FAQs, but there are also new players in the community and players that don’t put as much time into the game. When you first sign up as a new player it can seem very strange that players can have over $100,000 never mind over $1 million. So this is my FAQ on making money. Let’s jump straight into it…

I don’t want to go too in-depth with these FAQs because they’re designed to be short, quick and give you the right information quickly. It isn’t a guide, it’s an FAQ. If we’re looking at making money early on as a player though, we can look at making money before ranking to Gangster. Here are some quick tips:

  • Work on those crimes.
  • After around 25 successful crimes you’ll be able to start stealing cars.
  • Sell all cars on the Auto Burglary page – except for Duesenbergs. Keep those.
  • Hold on to any cash gained from missions.
  • After mission three, try to find similar ranked players to do a low level Booze OC.

An important part of building up cash early on in your Bootleggers career is by not gambling. Gambling is a big part of the game and I’ll cover it further into the article. However, early on you will not have much cash to play around with. If you lose it then it is going to take you a while to build it back up again. Gambling is a useful way to make money, but it is only really viable when you can afford to lose.

Once you finish mission 5 and can rank up to Gangster you’ll want to start looking for Bank OCs to help when it comes to ranking up. Ideally, try to pick a set time where you can be online twice a day. I understand that not everyone can, but if you pick 9am and 9pm then you can get two OCs per day and double the income. The average profit from a Bank OC is around $35,000 to $50,000.

When you rank up, remember to move onto the next city until around the fourth city. The final crime on city four pays out around $500. This is considerably more than the crimes on the first few cities, so it’s an important step in getting that early cash on a consistent basis. As well as crimes and auto burglary there is booze running. To do this from an early stage it is useful to build up some levels of strength at the gym. Booze Runs are a great source of cash and are somewhat under used by quite a few members of the community.

You should always try to negotiate booze prices too – both up and down. You can do this a maximum of two times (in one direction) until you travel. So to be clear, you can negotiate the price up twice, sell the booze and then negotiate down twice before buying booze and then travelling again. A useful way to keep on top of this is to do 5 minute exercises at the gym and negotiate booze at the same time. Negotiating booze prices is really useful. Here is an example of the best booze run:

  • Negotiate booze prices twice in Michigan and get Cognac down from the higher end of $1,700 to around $1,300.
  • Travel to Illinois and negotiate up twice from around $2,100 or the highest value of $2,205 to around $2,700.

If you bought 20:

$1,758 * 20 = $35,160 and sold at $2,205 * 20 = $44,100 which makes a profit of $8,940

Compared to:

$1,348 * 20 = $26,960 and sold at $2,735 * 20 = $54,700 which makes a profit of $27,740

It is a huge difference. The profit obviously increases the more you can carry. If you’re a Respectable Boss then you can carry 40, which doubles the profit from that above example. Then if you can do four booze runs a day you’ll be earning over $200,000 from booze runs alone. Five days and you’ve got $1 million easily.

The stock market is an interesting way to make money. However, it can also be very difficult to do with success. Stocks can often crash and anything that you have invested will be completely lost. If you buy stock from a local company rather than a national company then make sure it is from a city that you visit regularly – otherwise you will not be able to monitor any increase or decrease often enough to catch any potential movement.

A lot of players find great success (and sometimes failure) when it comes to gambling. My rule with gambling is to only play with a set amount that you can afford to lose. Another one is not to try to chase losses. It can be so easy to think “Oh noes, I’ve lost $50,000 already. Therefore I should bet $100,000 to try to recover the loss quickly.” This isn’t a good strategy. It may work, but it may not and then you have lost even more than you did to begin with. Pick a steady strategy, place some small low bets beforehand if you want to test a theory. Never bet all of your money in one huge bet. If you lose then it will feel like the most pointless thing in the world.

In my opinion if you are terrible at gambling then simply make cash by banking. 3% interest per day is far better than losing all of your money each day by gambling badly. If you gamble each day and win, lose, win, lose and then eventually win again you should look at how much you have actually gained when you finally win. It might be more profitable to simply bank your cash and take that interest over the five days rather than attempting to gamble your way to the top.

To summarize this FAQ on making money, the best way to make regular cash per day is to OC twice if possible for you and to do as many booze runs as possible – especially if you have the time to negotiate the booze prices before buying and selling.

If anyone reading this would like more FAQ articles or more in-depth guides in general then post what some topics in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.
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