Welcome to a fantasy world of life in the mafia. The setting of Bootleggers is the Prohibition Era of the 1930s in the U.S. It is designed for many players who go head to head against each other. Each player takes up the role of a small-scale gangster and starts off doing relatively harmless offences such as picking the pockets of passers-by. On successfully completing enough of these small crimes, players then get promoted to auto thefts and organized crimes, which all contribute to the players overall campaign. One of the main illegal activities is the smuggling of alcohol in big quantities; this is referred to as bootlegging. Additional actions include hiring private investigators to locate enemies as well as completing missions, which involve doing any number of tasks that your caporegime has requested. Ultimately, the aim of the game is to work your way up in the world of criminals; from a measly scum right up to a nationally-feared Don.

This game was introduced in September 2003. It is played in rounds, which usually last a few years; the current one having started in February 2012. In the time since then, the number of players has quickly risen to over 11,000, with new registrations happening around the clock. It is one of the more popular games in its genre, with significant portions of its population coming from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States. Because of the vast diversity in where players are located around the world, there are several hundred players online at any given time of day. The Bootleggers world simply never sleeps.

Bootleggers is free to play, with registration taking only minutes. Once registered and logged in, you will find yourself among an easy to use interface full of features just waiting to be utilized. Among these features is our popular forums, which consist of both game-only related discussions as well as off-topic discussions. So whether you need help with the game, want to discuss bootlegging strategies, or simply want to talk about a current sporting event or your favorite band, there's a spot to talk about it -- and more importantly, plenty of others to talk about it with. Socializing amongst other players is definitely encouraged as the game's community is a huge part of the game and increases the enjoyment substantially.

Being browser-based means you will be able to login to the game from any device that has internet; be it your computer at home, school, work, or even from your smart phone. No downloading of software or plug-ins is required. This gives you the opportunity to stay connected with the game and it's community, whether you have just 5 quick minutes or a few hours. With the game's availability, it can really start to become a second world you're a part of. Your character in the game, including stats, rank, money, friends, etc., can go wherever you go.

The mafia world within Bootleggers is ever growing, with different players shifting order and rising to power all the time. With so much opportunity, there's never been a better time to join and make a name for yourself. You can be a no-name Scum today and transform yourself to the most feared and respected Don there is. Experience the wealth and the power that you've earned for yourself. Join Bootleggers and enter into this world of mafia.

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