Bootleggers brings the great mafia activities of past American history back to life again. This free browser-based multiplayer game brings back the atmosphere of the 1930s prohibition era; the perfect atmosphere for the game player who wants to know what it was like to be a gangster and compete for money, rank, and power. The competition is that of players from all over the world, all fighting to be the best.

Work your way up to becoming one of the great mafia leaders of all time. Start with small time mafia ploys and crimes. These include petty crimes like pickpocketing, store crimes and car theft. Work your way up to transporting booze across state lines, buying and selling as you go; eventually working your way up to becoming a big time mafia head who runs the organized crime rackets.

Ranking up to become a more well known and more respected gangster requires interacting both with other players and the game itself. Follow higher-ranked gangster's orders, steal cars, rob banks, deliver booze, and complete missions. The more activities you complete the higher your rank will become along with the money and respect to accompany it.

The Goal

The basic goal is to reach the top ranks with a healthy stash of cash, but you also want to grow more powerful, become a great crew boss, and tell others what to do. Join the challenge, starting out with a mere $500 and ending with millions of dollars and as the head of a great mafia crew.

Game Features:

Bank - A safe place to keep and grow your hard-earned stolen money. Stick it in the completely secured bank, leave it for 24 hours and automatically receive 3% back - all returned to your account to grow your resources further.

Booze - Travel along a specific booze run through several states. As you travel along, buy and sell booze at the right prices for evermore profits. You can usually expect to end up in the same state you started in after a long adventure. As in any other business, your objective is to buy cheap and sell expensively.

Bullets - Buy bullets from player owned factories or by using points, another form of in-game currency. Negotiate sales with money, services, or properties. The more bullets you have the better off you are. But watch out! You could be scammed at any moment, so use the Escrow feature when you can. Come across a blacked-out bullet factory? It's your chance to buy it. Just go to the state it's located in and select the Bullets page.

Crews - What better way to feel safe than with other fully equipped mafia men behind your back? Loyalty is huge within the mafia and if you're able to make your way into a crew you'll find yourself that much more powerful and able. Being in a crew means being able to find crime partners more easily, being able to stock up on bullets more effectively, and having much more firepower should time to engage occur.

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