Enter the 1930s mafia world with Bootleggers, a game that recreates the corrupt, power thriving, trust no-one nature of what life was like in the mafia during the Prohibition Era. With the traditional rule of law comprised, mafia became the new order. Outlawed liquor flourished the streets, along with organized crime, blood, and bullets. Those who took part either prospered or perished. This is the world players take part in on Bootleggers, a 1930s browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Upon registering and logging in for the first time, you will be a meager scum, low on cash and anything else. But through accomplishments in the game, you will find yourself climbing through the mafia ranks and building your own wealth and respect.

Using weapons such as the infamous Tommy gun, you will wreck havoc on local businesses to start building your profits. Purchasing large amounts of liquor and transferring them to high demand locations will become part of your daily routine in the mafia world. Organized crime, auto theft, and gambling are some of the other main features of the game that will get you on your way to making it big. Territory in the mafia goes without saying, so get your hands on a casino or bullet factory and you will rake in cash like others could not believe. But be sure you can defend it, because with piles of profit comes those ready to take it off your hands. Stocking up on weapons, bullets, and protection becomes a necessity.

The mafia world is unlike any other; where breaking your friends out of jail and doing your next booze run are commonplace. With Bootleggers, you can experience the rush of being in the mafia in the 1930s. The game currently houses thousands of players from all over the world, including the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Australia. With such a diverse community, there are always players on, ready to become your friend or enemy. And with the game being completely browser-based, you can play from your house, school, workplace, or even from your smartphone. Whether you have just a few minutes or a few hours, you'll always be able to login to Bootleggers and take care of something. Your opportunity to make it big in the mafia world is now. Join Bootleggers and start playing today!

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